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Announcement: ICREA Workshop on Phonon Engineering

ICREA Workshop on Phonon Engineering

Dates: 25-28 May 2010
Location: Hotel Eden Roc Sant Feliux de Guixols, Barcelona, Spain

Main fields covered: Nanophononics, Energy Conversion; Micro- to Nano-scale thermal management; Hypersonic (Phononic) crystals; Photon-phonon interactions in low dimensions; Electron-phonon interactions in low dimensions; Phonons in Metrology; Quantum information processing; Phonon-polariton transport; Near field radiation.

  • Session on Nanoscale thermal transport I
    - Mesoscopic thermal transport, A Majumdar, UC Berkeley, USA
    - Molecular dynamics of Phonon Heat Transfer, tba
    - Thermal Memories, Baowen Li, Singapore National University,
  • Session on Energy Conversion
    - Nanostructures thermoelectric Materials, Gang Chen, MIT, USA
    - Theory of thermoelectricity, Natalio Mongo, CEA-Grenoble, France
  • Session on Phonons in Nanotechnology II
    - Thermal management in microelectronic devices and interfaces, Bruno Michel, IBM
    - Phonons in Nanometrology, Juerg Dual, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Session on Nanoscale thermal Transport II
    - Ultra-low thermal conductivity, Ravi S Prasher, Arizona State University, USA
    - Theory of phonon polariton heat conduction in nanostrcutres, ENSMA Poitiers,
  • Other sessions ...
    - Phonons in Biomaterials, Michael Stroscio, North Carolina University, USA
    - Phonon Engineering: from Nanowires to graphene, Alexander Balandin, UC Riverside,
    - Status of Bulk Acoustic Waves Devices, Tuomas Pensala, VTT, Finland
    - Photon-Phonon coupling for ICT, Garnett Bryant, NIST, Washington, USA
    - Low frequency acoustic waves for information processing, J-L Thomas, U P7M Curie

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